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Throw Back Thursday: Dr. Wende Heckert, DNP, APRN

Throw Back Thursday: Dr. Wende Heckert, DNP, APRN

Posted on: May 07, 2020

31 years ago, I first stepped on to a hospital floor to start my lifelong career as a nurse, by working as a nursing assistant.  Little did I know where the years (and the journey) were going to take me.  I had a patient ask me once, “How many blood pressures do you think you have taken over the years?” I wasn’t even sure how to answer that, except to wonder if I had a dollar for each one...

Back then, I didn’t know what a nurse practitioner was or what a forensic nurse might do to care for patients.  All I knew is that I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives, and being a nurse was sure the way to do it. So, for those who took a chance on me to be a nursing assistant all those years ago, I thank you.  For those who encouraged me to continue on as an advanced practice nurse, I thank you. To all of my patients who trust me with their healthcare, I thank you. For my family and friends, I definitely thank you the most!

Dr. Wende Heckert

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